Pakistan: Connecting Climate Change, Women Empowerment, and Art

Jessica Aldridge speaks with Ayla Suhail, Climate Change and Livelihood Project Coordinator at PODA, Potohar Organisation of development and advocacy in Pakistan. She is a graduate of mathematics from Comsats University in Islamabad and is finishing her up masters in Geographical Information System. Her thesis is based on “Analyzing the impact of Plastic Waste on the Urban Climate.” She is also a teacher and a coach.

The effects of natural disasters and Climate change have disproportionate impacts to those most vulnerable, especially rural based women and marginalized groups. Empowerment of women is critical to personal well-being and self-sufficiency; that empowerment is also directly tied to how the community will handle crisis and build resiliency.

PODA - Potohar Organisation of Development - Pakistan
Arts created through PODA – Potohar Organization of Development in Pakistan.

In order to mitigate climate change, there must exist a fuller understanding of the social and economic issues that those on the front line bear, and what approaches need to be in place in order to create empowerment and solutions from within. With an increase in development including industrialization, urbanization, and motorization, the World Bank identified Pakistan’s top environmental issues as air pollution, inadequate supply of uncontaminated drinking water, and health deterioration of urban and rural populations.

Ayla Sohail, PODA Pakistan
Ayla Suhail

That same report says Karachi’s urban air pollution is among the most severe in the world. That being said it is important to note that the majority of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas and experiences high poverty rates. Those in urban areas suffer from significant damages to human health.

Craftwork at PODA Pakistan
Crafts at PODA in Pakistan. Photo courtesy Ayla Suhail.

Ayla Suhail has been working for this Pakastani organization that tackles the issues of climate change by supporting solutions that are based in gender equity, economic justice, and human rights. They also have a stunning program that encourages entrepreneurship through art while protecting traditional cultural expressions.

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